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The harmony of nature includes two incredible waterfalls and is completed with orchards, alders, lindens, beeches, wild hazelnuts that grow all around, while the rocks with bright colors form a kind of gate at the top. Both the location and the sense of calm, serenity and contact with the natural element make you think you have discovered a piece of earthly paradise.

Leaving your vehicle in the parking lot and entering the ravine you can see the two waterfalls. The place has long been called “tou Angelousis” and the water ends at Mavrolakas, the river that is the border of Olympiada-Barbara. The first waterfall is visible from above, while in the second you will feel the momentum of the water, even in summer. The walking route of discovery is short (5-10 minutes) and both the wooden bridges and the correct signage contribute positively to the enjoyment of the unique landscape. The place is ideal for families with young children, who are sure to be thrilled.


How will you get there?

The waterfalls of Barbara are hidden in the dense forest that belongs to Barbara, but are closer to Olympiada. Following the asphalt forest road Varvara-Olympiada, which is one of the most beautiful asphalt routes in Halkidiki, you will pass the characteristic 5 Fountains (this point is also called Krasoneri) and you will descend until you see the relevant sign on your left. Drive on the passable dirt road and at 2.3 km you must have your mind as you will need to turn all the way left following the “hairpin”. After 900 m you will find the parking lot. If you go slightly left, from there you will find yourself after 4 km on a quarry area, while if you continue your course east you will reach Kalivia Varvaras.