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In the historic village of Stageira, in an amazing location at an altitude of about 500 m., Next to the remains of Mahalas, the capital of Mantemochoria, is the Grove of Aristotle. It is the only theme park in Halkidiki. It is worth visiting to see the interesting instruments and to enjoy the wonderful view to the bay of Ierissos. The grove pre-existed and the magnificent location was chosen in 1956 to house the imposing statue of Aristotle, the work of the sculptor Nicholas, to honor the great philosopher who was born in Ancient Stageira.

The original interactive instruments hosted in the grove area were installed in 2003 by the Municipal Enterprise of Stagiron-Akanthos and today it is managed by the Municipal Societe Anonyme of the Municipality of Aristotle. These are experimental instruments that operate on the basis of natural laws which are mentioned in the writings of Aristotle and especially in his work “The Natural”. With this addition, the Aristotle Grove has become a favorite destination for all visitors and schools, as it uniquely combines leisure, entertainment and education. In the same area there is a cafe-restaurant with stunning views of the bay of Ierissos and Mount Athos. It is estimated that in the summer months alone it receives more than 15,000 visitors.

In the area of the grove you will also see the tower of Madem Aga together with its konaki which was the administrative center of the mines in the area of Sidirokafsia.