Villa Azzuro

Villa Azzuro is located very close to the cosmopolitan center of Kallikratia and a step away from its turquoise crystal clear sea. From its huge sandy length and width, everyone can be enchanted by the sun shield, sinking in the water gilding it and the moon rising in front of a unique landscape!

The hosts are from three generations of fishing family, they know well the fresh fish, tsipouro appetizers and they will welcome you with the best writing in the area.

Rent your villa in Kallikratia.



Rent villa Kallikratia

ενοικιαζόμενη βίλα καλλικράτεια


Refreshing dives in turquoise waters with golden beaches, precious stones and magic shells. Summer dreams overlooking the divine Olympus, travel the mind to mythical worlds. Nea Kallikratia is a small town located just before the entrance to the Kassandra peninsula.

The coffee bars, the taverns, the night shops, the rooms for rent and the hotel units together with the fishing shelter make Nea Kallikratia a popular tourist destination for all ages.

Enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of locals